Sipplauncher - automate your VoIP testing


Sipplauncher is a Python-3 application.


  • Execute your SIPp test suite with just one command in one VM/container.
  • Easily add SIP traffic testing to your continuous integration pipeline.
  • Run multiple SIPp scenarios at the same time. Highly-configurable.
  • Dynamically creates networking pseudo-interfaces, to which SIPp instances will be bound.
  • Each test execution will generate a .pcap file if desired.
  • Ability to provision and/or clean-up Device Under Test (DUT) using BASH scripts.
  • Embeds DNS server to support DNS mocking for the dynamically assigned IP addresses.
  • Provides information calls per second accumulated (cps) for each scenario

Supported transports:

  • UDP
  • TCP
  • TLS. You can either supply your certificate, or Sipplauncher could generate an intermittent one for you.


Supported operating systems

  • CentOS-7
  • Ubuntu-18.04.3

Other Linux-based distros might suffice as well. However, Sipplauncher is developed and tested only on the above platforms. Therefore, some extra effort might be required to make Sipplauncher work properly on other platforms.

Supported network architecture

  • Sipplauncher and DUT should be located within the same physical (or emulated) Ethernet network.
  • Sipplauncher and DUT IP addresses should be located within the same logical IP network
  • Sipplauncher and DUT should have no firewalls between them
  • IPv4 only. IPv6 is not supported


Sipplauncher dynamically assigns random IP addresses to a host, on which it's launched. The checks are done, to not accidentally use an IP address, which is already assigned to some other machine in the same LAN. However, to avoid impact on your LAN, it's recommended to run Sipplauncher in a private LAN or an emulated environment.


Below instructions will guide you on how to perform installation and self-test.

Install prerequisites

This part is dependant on the selected platform:

For CentOS-7:

yum install -y wget git make which tcpdump openssl-devel gcc python3-pip
rpm -ivh epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm
yum install -y sipp

For Ubuntu-18.04.3:

apt-get update -qy
apt-get install -y git sip-tester tcpdump libssl-dev gcc python3-pip

Install Sipplauncher

This part is common for all platforms:

git clone -b develop
cd sipplauncher
make install-reqs
make install-all

Perform self-testing

make install-reqs-test
make test

All tests should pass without error.

Getting started

Now let's try running the embedded mock test suite. Let's assume that DUT's IP address is

Go to Sipplauncher directory and run:

sipplauncher --dut --testsuite tmp-testsuite

You should see similar output:

This means, test suite run has succeded. Individual tests have failed, but this is expected, because these are mock tests, not tied to your DUT.

To have a real working test suite for your DUT, you should write it. You can take the embedded mock test suite as an example.

To proceed, please see User Guide.

Last update: 2022-08-30